Meet your AI legal assistant

Sheria AI does legal research in minutes—with results you can trust and verify.

What can Sheria AI do?


Instant Legal Queries

Ask any legal question and get instant, accurate responses based on what the law says. Sheria AI has knowledge of Kenyan Laws and the judicial system.


Case Law Database

Ask a question and Sheria AI will search through thousands of cases, read the relevant one, and answer. Sheria also gives you references to the cases used to answer you.


Case Analysis

Quickly locate case information from large data sets. Just ask Sheria AI a question and get a fast analysis of the case, allowing you to draw meaningful conclusions and build stronger cases.

Welcome to Sheria AI

A message from our creator

At Augmentin AI we are building products that augment and enhance the capabilities of humans. We don't believe that AI is here to take people's jobs. We believe that AI is here to improve our jobs. We believe that AI is here to make us work faster and achieve more. The future we are building is one where it will take you hours or minutes to do something that would have otherwise taken you days. Our premiere product is Sheria AI. Sheria is built to help lawyers with legal research.- Creator of Sheria AI, Alvin